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[Authors: Dario Cimorelli, Riccardo Costantini]
This volume presents a compelling portrait of Tina Modotti, one of the most celebrated photographers of the 20th century, exploring her multifaceted career and her involvement in political activism. Through a collection of iconic images, the book reveals her transition from actress to photographer, with particular emphasis on her distinctive shots in post-revolutionary Mexico in the 1920s. Modotti’s work, characterised by a thoughtful aesthetic and deep reflection on the world, reveals a unique vision of life and art.

(Udine, 1896 – Mexico City, 1942), one of the world’s most famous women photographers and one of the most eclectic personalities of the last century, is the protagonist of this new volume that enriches the collection of monographs dedicated by Silvana Editoriale to the great photographers of the 20th century.
The volume traces her photographic career and her exceptional human story: as a theater and film actress in California, she established herself as a photographer thanks to her association with Edward Weston – whose model she became, and with whom she shared an intense emotional and working relationship – becoming famous for the shots she took in post-revolutionary Mexico in the 1920s.
The collected images show the evolution of Modotti’s styles and techniques, from her early still life to portraits of the women of Theuantepec, passing through the more purely political and “revolutionary” photographs, to the last shots taken in of Berlin, before she finally abandoned photography to follow the path of political activism, which took her to Russia, Spain and back to Mexico, where she died in 1942. Tina Modotti’s work always appears calibrated and meditated, characterized by mellow blacks and whites but extremely varied in tone, the result of long reflections and experiments: as she herself stated, her intent was not to produce “art,” but to be qualitative in order to be able to tell the world and the infinite aspects of life.

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