Cuba. Vivir Con – Silvana Editoriale

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[Author: Carolina Sandretto]
The book offers a fascinating exploration of the world of ‘solares’, focusing on the human figure and its relationship with living space, understood both as a private and public place. Carolina Sandretto guides us through a unique journey, where the individual dimension and human relationships are the focus.

”…The human figure is the focus of attention, captured in its individuality and relationships with others; the co-protagonist is the living space, also considered in a two-fold sense, as both a private and public place. Starting with these essential elements the fascinating journey of Carolina Sandretto unfolds within the special world of the so-called “solares”.
Walter Guadagnini

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Silvana Editoriale was founded in 1948 by Amilcare Pizzi, as a way of remembering his daughter Silvana, who died prematurely in 1944. Through his commitment and passion, Pizzi expanded its business by publishing books of enormous value. In the mid-90s, Silvana redefined its publishing strategy, embarking on a path of growth and development on the national and international markets, focused on the fields of art, design, architecture and photography, all of which is documented in the on-site catalogue. Today, Silvana Editoriale publishes more than 400 titles a year in collaboration with Foundations, Research Institutes, Universities and Museums across Europe, the United States and the Middle East.