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[Authors: Enzo Mari, Francesco Giacomelli]
The monograph offers an in-depth look at the thoughts and designs of Enzo Mari, a multifaceted figure in art and design. Through the writings of Massimo Minini and a rich selection of works, the book sets out to explore the many facets of his creativity and utopian vision, offering a mnemonic atlas for understanding his revolutionary working method.

“Enzo Mari’s drawings are the result of his reflections as a self-taught artist who does not accept the fences of teaching. Mari cannot stand the bit or the saddle, like a thoroughbred horse ridden bareback in the Palio, he rebels against convention, does not practice irony and believes it is possible to direct economies, channel thought, plan the present and the future.”
Massimo Minini
Enzo Mari was an inventor of languages, which he considered necessary tools to “improve the quality and effectiveness of knowledge communication.” To define his discipline and craft is impossible: artist, designer, architect, graphic designer, but also theorist, pedagogue, intellectual, perhaps philosopher, certainly utopian, who was able to program silent revolutions that remain, even today, often misunderstood. These are just some of the many facets of a complex and revolutionary personality. The intent of this volume is to create a mnemonic atlas of Mari’s designs useful for the exploration and understanding of his complex nuances of research, which constitute the roots of his method.

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