Studio Terre: the slow design philosophy

Caleido shares the Diary of Studio Terre, an experimental art studio, founded by the artists Eva Noemi Marchetti in art Nino, Francesca Guarnone, in art Jufà, and Riccardo Brunetti, to create unique design pieces of Mediterranean inspiration, made with clay. Welcome to Caleido, an inspirational diary, that narrates many stories: about creative people, trends, travels, objects. / Read the Editor’s letter on Caleido Shop here


Diary of: @studioterre_

1. Caleido is a sort of Diary. What is the most significant memory/anecdote, related to your brand, that you would write down in your Diary?

Our art is inexorably linked to lived anecdotes and suggestions. We are reminded of the memory of our beginning, as we walked, uphill, on a dusty road. The sky was indigo and there was a pungent smell, maybe it was licorice. It was hot, it was early afternoon. The moment when Studio Terre was born.

2. If you had to associate your brand with a song, what would it be? Would you listen to it on vinyl or Spotify?

Follow the sun” by Xavier Rudd, listened to on Spotify. Obviously vinyl remains more appealing, but we’re “digital natives”, even if our approach to work wouldn’t say so, we value technology highly by recognizing its merits and sometimes its natural flaws, which is why we choose Spotify.

3. Speaking instead of you, how do other people most often describe you? What passions, beyond your work, inspire you the most?

We are very often described with two words: extemporaneous and ancestral. There are three of us, very different from each other. Certainly what distinguishes us and unites us is genuineness. Another value that binds us is curiosity, that’s why our passion is travel as discovery, being influenced by new smells, sounds and ways of life.

studio terre_LOGO

Studio Terre, an experimental art studio where art is created from the act of living. The creative flow instructs every aspect of the lives of Nino, artist and co-founder with Riccardo, and Jufa, another artist in the group. Mediterranee, through their creations, want to take you to the unique, utopian place where their vision of the world and things lies. By creating unique pieces without creative constraints art, craftsmanship and design come together. They communicate their way of life through the philosophy of slow design.

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