Caleido Editor’s letter #2: Caleido Shop dna

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At MM Company we are characterised by a creative approach that is always aimed at including and integrating in a multifaceted way the many facets of reality, and then offers them to the clients in the form of projects. From this spirit, which MM Company defines as “kaleidoscopic“, Caleido was born, an original integrated communication platform, conceived as a diary that, like a cahier de voyage (travel diary), is gradually enriched with various elements that, each in its own way, contribute to shaping a true creative exploration.

In addition to the Diary (the editorial part, click here to learn more) we have opened the Caleido Shop: an online boutique that offers for sale a curated selection of objects that express the eclectic spirit that sets us apart.

Caleido Editor’s letter #2: Caleido Shop dna

The selection of items for sale on the Caleido Shop can be traced back to various origins:

BY MM: objects and furnishing accessories designed by the design office of MM Company for its clients. Now on sale in one place, the Caleido Shop. This category also includes the Trend Books created by MM Company and downloadable in digital format;

COLLEZIONE CALEIDO: the objects that make up Collezione Caleido, the brand of objects designed and self-produced by MM Company, made by selected Made in Italy artisans;

SELECTED: the objects, complements, furniture, books, vinyls and other items carefully selected by MM Company from the proposals of the most authentic brands;

OBJETS TROUVÉS: unique, vintage pieces, purchased around the world and offered for sale on Caleido Shop.

One of the characteristics of the Caleido Shop is research: all the pieces on sale are the result of careful selection and scouting carried out internally by us at MM Company, also thanks to the suggestions we receive from the people we interview. Within the articles of the Diary you will also find images of items for sale in the Caleido Shop. Click on the “Plus” icon and go to the product page of the Shop!

Many of the items on sale are available for immediate shipment (prompt delivery); others (marked “Pre-order“) will be made exclusively for you, following your order, as they are the result of special production processes.

Some products are also available in a “custom” version: you can customise certain aspects of the product, such as colour, materials, size and shape. As this is a “made-to-measure” product, we will take care of your requests and follow all the design phases personally.

Caleido Editor’s letter #2: Caleido Shop dna
Caleido Editor’s letter #2: Caleido Shop dna
We look forward to seeing you in the Caleido Shop, a travelling destination for creative minds and lovers of objects that evoke memories and stimulate curiosity.
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