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[Author: Pascal Cuisinier]
This monograph introduces Robert Mathieu, an École Boulle-trained craftsman famous for his innovative articulated lamps. Pascal Cuisinier provides a comprehensive overview of Mathieu’s contribution to postwar French design, highlighting his creativity and technical expertise in manipulating shapes and counterweights to illuminate modern environments

Born in 1921 and trained as a bronze turner at the École Boulle School of Applied Arts, Robert Mathieu created some of the most exceptional lights of his generation.
After the urgency of postwar reconstruction, an entire housing-related economy sprang up in France, based on the great French tradition of decoration and furniture. The new generation that came out of the “Grandes Ecoles” seized the opportunities offered by this moment, laying the foundations of what we now call Design, that is, the creation of goods at the service of mass production. Robert Mathieu is one of its protagonists, thanks to his double pendulum systems and his infinite creativity and perfect technical expertise, making articulated lamps to illuminate every area of the modern apartment and manipulating the concept of asymmetry and counterweight.
This first monograph on Robert Mathieu is the result of research by Pascal Cuisinier, who has been interested in postwar French Design since the early 2000s. Exploring both academic and aesthetic aspects in equal measure, this work aims to present Robert Mathieu’s work to both the uninitiated and the more informed collector, while revealing this glorious period experienced by the decorative arts in France during the Trente Glorieuses: the “glorious” thirty years of the economic boom that developed between 1946 and 1975.

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