MM Award 2023: all the winners

MM Award 2023 – International creative award: MM Company, a creative consultancy agency, announces the names of the winners of its scouting project created to connect and support next-generation talent in fashion, product and interior design.

The purpose of MM Award is to create and sustain a community of creative talent by recognizing their merit and promoting their connection with operators, media and companies.
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The first place winners in each category (Gold prize) will receive a precious trophy, made by Giacopini, an Italian company specializing in the creation of unique, modular and totally customizable objects that respond to the company payoff “Bright Metal Objects,” which perfectly explains how iconic bright colors can blend harmoniously with raw components such as metal and iron. / Click here to find out more about the trophy.
MM Award 2023 winners
To select the winners of MM Award 2023, an exceptional international jury was involved, composed of Marco Magalini (co-founder and creative director of MM Company, journalist and Made in Italy expert), Ana Berlin (Architecture, design & art PR), Giorgio Bonaguro (Industrial & interior designer), Anaïs Sandra Carion (Managing Director at MAD Brussels), Piermattia Cribiori (Architect & partner at Atelierzero), Simon Cracker
(Upcycling fashion brand), Giulia Taglialatela (Stylist & set designer). / Click here to find out more about the jury and read interviews with the jurors.

Fashion design

 gold prize – fashion design – students


Letizia Alosa’s Lost connections project takes inspiration from the hectic life that leads people to alienate themselves from intrinsic human values: verbal communication and connection with nature. Many studies affirm how important it is to re-establish these two values as a cure for anxiety through dialogue and cooperation. The cure is sharing. This message is realized through the reconstruction of new connections between fabrics, a careful choice of textile raw material, and the representation of handmade weaves and embroidery. The entire collection is shaped with respect for the planet and for people; that is why all raw material is sourced from damaged rolls and second-hand markets, which are used for humanitarian projects. The garments are embellished with handmade buttons made from dried flowers. The pattern-making aspect has been taken care of, with the intention of minimizing fabric waste and enhancing existing structures.
Letizia Alosa
gold prize – fashion design – professionals


Inflate slippers, a project by Lorenzo Limatola, is based on a concept of exploring new digital tools for displaying products. The result is intentionally pop and ironic, and is only a starting point for a real application. Three different finishes were created, trying to achieve a different mood among the different versions. The rapid development of 3D software theoretically allows anyone to obtain visualizations from physical simulations, with partly unseen and unexplored possibilities. Digital allows prototyping and predicting some aspects of the finished product. The development of the project required, in addition to specific technical skills, a certain artisanal approach, which hints at a future in which physical and digital will increasingly come in touch.
Lorenzo Limatola
Inflate slippers
gold prize – fashion design – companies/studios/collectives


Christopher Raxxy is a cutting-edge Chinese brand, under the creative direction of William Shen, that combines the art of mathematics and parameterization with fashion. He transforms classic 2D drawing into 3D objects with unique, colorful and three-dimensional designs. The creations not only define the figure of the human body but are able to create a completely new geometric silhouette.
William Shen
Christopher Raxxy

Product design

gold prize – product design – students

CAGLA ENGINER with the project “FLUSSO”

Flusso, a project by Cagla Enginer, is a collection of modular lamps designed with the primary objective of providing comfortable lighting for large galleries and exhibition spaces. This unique and minimalist lighting solution also features a distinctive aesthetic that ensures its individuality. Thanks to its interlocking system, Flusso offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing a continuous flow of electricity and enabling the creation of an infinite range of configurations. The intricate simplicity of the design makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, hotel, and institutional environments. With its innovative use of materials and understated design language, it fits any interior style and elevates the atmosphere of any space.
Cagla Enginer
gold prize – product design – professionals

GIORGIA APREIA with the project “ADA”

Ada is a project by Giorgia Apreia and is a design solution of multiple genius. It takes the form of a metal structure on which three different upholstered and fabric-covered modules can be stacked. Depending on the need or occasion of use, by combining them, one can obtain: a practical high or low table, a mute servant, a seat. The soft upholstery and interchangeable fabrics make the structure sinuous and elegant. The aim is to emphasise its being a unique and indispensable piece, perfect for new living habits.
Giorgia Apreia
gold prize – product design – companies/studios/collectives

IAMMI STUDIO with the project “CLOUDS”

CLOUDS, a project by Iammi studio, is a soft seating set characterized by an organic, irregular non-shape. Light, soft, enveloping, all the components of CLOUDS are hand-carved blocks made of recycled foam rubber. The design is inspired by the search for light in everyday life. In a hectic world full of excitement, CLOUDS is indeed designed to “live in the clouds” for a few moments, to fully savor that intimate moment of abandonment on the sofa, rising above the daily routine, in a positive space that alludes to simple and joyful feelings of lightness.
Iammi Studio

Interior design

gold prize – interior design – students


Crescere insieme (Growing Together) is a project by Sara Fesa about a new way of conceiving school spaces. The design configuration of Crescere insieme sees the well-defined separation of teaching spaces with the possibility of connecting them to transit areas. The design of classrooms communicating with each other, accessible and, at the same time, interconnected through new openings allows a spatial continuum characteristic of the entire complex. This spatiality confers educational breaks, the genesis of common leisure environments and a strong educational component. The objective is to create a space that can promote aggregation in different forms in a system that meets the demands of the educational community.
Sara Fesa
Crescere insieme (Growing together)
gold prize – interior design – professionals

GIORGIA MIRABELLA with the project “Unique_in THE NUMBER 6”

Unique_in The Number 6 is a project by Giorgia Mirabella,
 created for the renovation of the attic located in the prestigious building The Number 6. The goal is to recreate a clean and airy environment. Vertical lines enhance the heights, chandeliers fill the volumes of the ceilings, and the combination of natural wood and concrete allows to recreate a light structure with strong personality. All cladding materials are left in their natural state and are integrated with the modernity and glamorous touch of the furnishings through strong, bold colors. The project was carried out with the technical support and collaboration of Gruppo Building.

Giorgia Mirabella
Unique_in the number 6
gold prize – interior design- companies/studios/collectives

LUPETTATELIER with the project “ONSET”

Onset is a project by Lupettatelier, realised in collaboration with Azimut Design as main partner, offering a line of resin furniture. Onset refers to dawn, to the first beat. Or rather the second, when the sun is about to rise and the night is suddenly coloured with light. It is an instant, very fast, that marks the passage from darkness to light, suddenly. A place where coexist: a console table and a coffee table in the studio living room; an exhibition volume that marks the transition between the two areas; a dining table culminating in an alcove of warm yellow light.

Special mentions

special mention – “made in italy is”


Paolo Stefano Gentile, designer, has created a Pagina Collection line for Essent’ial, an Italian company that produces cases, bags, backpacks and more in a special FSC-certified paper that is durable, environmentally friendly and washable. The idea is to emphasise the material itself, the paper, by applying typical notebook stripes. The collection consists of backpacks, notebooks and pencil cases. Today, FSC certified paper is one of the most controlled and sustainable materials. A 100% Made in Italy project that is the result of the technical and working knowledge of the designer and the brand.
Christopher Raxxy
special mention – “best innovator is”


Christopher Raxxy is a cutting-edge Chinese brand, under the creative direction of William Shen, that combines the art of mathematics and parameterization with fashion. He transforms classic 2D drawing into 3D objects with unique, colorful and three-dimensional designs. The creations not only define the figure of the human body but are able to create a completely new geometric silhouette.
special mention – “best sustainable is”


Esci dalla comfort zone by Giuditta Rossi is a collection that expresses an awareness that is also reflected in the choice of materials and their colours. For the creations, sustainable and innovative materials have been used in an inverted way with respect to common use: Denim in recycled cotton, produced by Isko; Twill, obtained from production waste; Casentino cloth, produced by the company TessilNova of Stia; Muskin, a vegan alternative to leather, produced by the company GradoZero of Montelupo Fiorentino. The corsets are also made using the ‘Cuoietto Fiorentino’ technique. The fabrics are dyed using natural dyes: Coffee, Guado and Turmeric. The aim of the collection is to inspire people to go beyond their everyday habits.
Esci dalla Comfort Zone
Mu - The breathing vase
special mention – “best sustainable is”


Mu – the breathing vase is a project by Monica Bispo of the La terra cruda brand. The project aims to create a modelling paste with no artificial components and which does not need to be cooked. To make the pot, natural, simple and ancient ingredients such as raw earth were mixed with water and a few strands of straw. The inspiration came from the Casas de Barrio in Brazil and studies on Fukuoka, a revolutionary farmer who changed history with a strand of straw.
special mention – “best creative is”

TOMMASO CHIUSI with the project “OCEAN NETS”

Tommaso Chiusi’s Ocean Nets project tackles one of the most serious environmental problems of the current era: abandoned fishing nets on the ocean floor. According to the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the Mediterranean Sea is severely affected by ‘ghostfishing’ pollution that causes injury or death to seabirds (35%), fish (27%), invertebrates (20%), mammals (13%) and reptiles (5%). Fishing nets take about 600 years to deteriorate at sea. The project focuses on recovering these nets and transforming them into human accessories, thus giving new life to this waste. It is the awareness of the urgency of the situation that gives rise to the need to address environmental issues in a serious and concrete way. This is why design is the key to helping raise awareness of the seriousness of the problem, promoting environmental sustainability through products.
Ocean Nets

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