Giacopini realizes the 2023 MM Award trophies

Giacopini is the brand that realizes the MM Award 2023 trophies, for the top finishers in each category (Gold Prize). The aim of MM Award is to create and support a community of creative talents, recognising their merit and connecting them with operators, media and companies.


“We wanted the task of creating the precious trophy to be entrusted to a company that, like us, breathed the same passion for made in Italy and cultivated a deep love for design, materials and continuous research. And so, in the perfect marriage with our project, Giacopini chose to join us, with dedication and a spirit of openness to new generations of creative”.

Manuel Barbieri, co-founder e designer del Trofeo

In selecting the partner to make the trophies, MM Award placed significant emphasis on the core values that the jurors (click here to find out more about the jury) were to look for in the contestants’ projects: creativity, research and innovation, coherence and cohesion, attention to detail, and sustainability. Indeed, it was crucial that the company commissioned to make the trophies shared these principles deeply. Accordingly, the collaboration with Giacopini was a great union.

A dynamic explorer of a functional-creative philosophy, metal furniture and accessories brand Giacopini creates a marriage of design, aesthetics and design technique with its collections.

Unique, modular and totally customizable objects that respond to the company payoff “Bright Metal Objects,” which perfectly explains how iconic bright colors can blend harmoniously with raw components such as metal and iron. An alchemical fusion of complementary attitudes, which in Giacopini are shaped into original objects that reinterpret this traditional material in a hyper-contemporary key. A firm balance between strength and lightness. A designer of iron and a designer of furniture solutions and accessories, brand founder Michele Giacopini creates collections that, thanks to the technique and experience gained over the years, can also be modified by customers to meet the decorative and design needs of all domestic and contract interiors.

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