Digital creative direction: the brand experience is online

At MM Company one of our services is digital creative direction, namely the strategic management and coordination of all the digital activities of a brand. Sometimes even working alongside the art director who is already in charge of our client’s “traditional” activities.


The main activity of MM Company (click here to visit the site) is to take care of the creative direction of brands (click here to read more), that is, of the management and coordination of all their creative activities: from strategy; to the creation of corporate identity and coordinated image both offline and online; from the management of digital platforms – website, social media, digital adv, newsletter – to the conception and production of content such as photo and video shoots, advertising campaigns and texts; up to the design of objects, spaces, stands, showcases and fittings for a perfect interconnection between physical and digital dimensions. Some brands turn to MM Company to carry out only some of these activities, but others entrust MM Company with the entire creative direction. In this case, the agency can devote itself to the company in a transversal and all-embracing way, going three hundred and sixty degrees on the entire creative framework, strengthening its identity and positioning.

In addition to full creative direction, one of the services that is particularly useful to brands today is DIGITAL CREATIVE DIRECTION: accompanying brands in the digitization process, taking care of their digital branding and strategic management of all their online platforms.

In a contemporary scenario where digital is real, and where the virtual dimension is increasingly strategic and important, brands are indeed having to create from scratch, augment, or totally rethink their online presence. These activities are extremely delicate and involve a multitude of skills, strategic, positioning and branding aspects that are very different from those of “traditional” art direction (advertising campaigns, catalogs, stands and collections).

“For this reason, several companies entrust MM Company with the digital creative direction of their brand, sometimes asking us to collaborate with those who continue to take care of offline activities,” Manuel Barbieri, co-founder and development director of MM Company. “Our approach has been successful. Companies often look for a single interlocutor able to dialogue with competence, organization and method with all the actors involved in the project. Our ‘digital-thinking’ method, our constant training and the team we have built allow us to be the ideal partner to support companies in their digital transformation.”

Digital creative direction: the brand experience is online
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Turning to MM Company to entrust it with the digital creative direction of your company means benefiting from a strongly branding-oriented approach: an extension of the company’s DNA made of evolutions, not revolutions.

how to translate into a virtual dimension the brand experience that a customer is used to in the physical dimension?

A relocation is not enough, a rethinking is needed. A reinterpretation able to expand and reinforce the opportunities for brand-customer encounters, taking advantage of all the analytical and relational resources made available by digital platforms.

It all starts with a careful analysis of the state of affairs and continues with strategic consulting, which precedes the next steps: the creation and settings of all platforms (such as websites, e-commerce, apps, social networks and newsletters); content creation (graphics, photography, video, text) and finally platform management (scheduling, publishing, creation of sponsored campaigns, seo activities, newsletter sending, analysis and reporting, tracking).

Digital creative direction: the brand experience is online
Digital creative direction: the brand experience is online
Digital creative direction: the brand experience is online

We are not alone in this. By our side, we have identified specialised partners with whom we collaborate on an ongoing basis, in order to accompany our clients in strengthening their digital activities. But why entrust MM Company with the management of your company’s creative digital direction?

1. overview

“We are used to dealing with the complete and branched management of a brand’s creative activities. As a result, we have a transversal and three hundred and sixty-degree vision, which helps us to consider a project in its totality: each piece has its own specificity, but it must integrate into a single language.”

2. consulting, not execution

“While applying an established method of work, each project is unique in that it is the result of a long process of study and analysis on the brand and its interconnections with the market in which it operates. This allows us to identify a goal and a path strategically oriented to what is right, rather than what I like.”

3. teamwork

“MM Company is a rational and focused creative performer. The agency’s in-house team is the client’s sole point of contact and is responsible for organizing projects, defining strategy, managing the workflow, and choosing the best performing technical partners to the specifics of each project. They intervene in individual projects in full consistency with the client’s identity and business strategies.”

4. boutique approach: care, method and spirit of excellence

“In every expression and relationship, we are oriented toward excellence. A mindset that strives for perfection in consulting-which is the result of the quality of research, insight, and critical spirit-in work, organization, budget optimization, and workflow management, continually refining and surpassing the goals already achieved.”

Digital creative direction: the brand experience is online

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