Creative discipline. Scenario by Hans Camille Vancol

Welcome to Caleido. This scenario, by dancer, choreographer and teacher Hans Camille Vancol, deals with the theme: Creative discipline. Hans Camille Vancol was born as an artist at Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal. Later he established himself at Le Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve, then at the Ballet de Venise and in 1995 he created and signed the LUCE event for the World Health Organisation. Today he is a creative consultant and director for cultural events, and runs the Vic Ballet Academy in Verona with his wife Anat Weinberger.

Diary of: Hans Camille Vancol @vic_ballet_academy

Creative discipline. Scenario by Hans Camille Vancol

I would like to start this podcast by saying that I am honoured to be part of this project dedicated to creativity and rigour.

Let me introduce myself, I am Hans Camille Vancol, currently the artistic director of the Vic Ballet Academy, a dance school committed to training and guiding young dancers towards the world of professionalism.

Starting from the art of choreography, this brief reflection is based on the principles of creativity and rigour, based above all on my forty years of experience in the world of dance.

Creativity in the field of dance does not only reveal itself as an alternative value, but rather manages to elaborate a parallel sphere capable of communicating to the spectator a visual emotion, a metaphysical experience and an instinctive sharing.

Creative discipline. Scenario by Hans Camille Vancol

In reality, the creative approach in dance is mainly based on a personal and individual path. As the Anglo-Saxons say: ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. I believe that artistic creativity is fuelled by a visceral desire to put one’s own vision into action, where the overwhelming parameter is to safeguard one’s own inventive dna. For this reason, I think it is essential to activate a certain rigour in order to curb, or organise, this tsunami of ideas, which, as many artists or creative people know, can arrive at any time of day.

Furthermore, I think that rigour must at all costs be the equation, or the balance, that will make the action of creativity fluid or unfiltered.

Creative discipline. Scenario by Hans Camille Vancol

Hans Camille Vancol is a Haitian born Canadian raised in Liberia and the Democatic Republic of Congo. He is a performer, teacher, choreographer and artistic director. He received his training at the school of Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal directed by Geneviève Salbaing. He later joined the company to interpret works of Louis Falco and Ulysses Dove among others.

Following five years of intensive worldwide touring, he went to Le Ballet du Grand Théatre de Genève directed by Oscar Araiz, where he performed works of Mats Ek and Jiri Kylian. He also taught Jazz Dance at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève.

Two years later, he went to Italy, where he worked for Television and the Fashion sector. Despite those stimulating years, the excitement of the theatre world was lacking, hence accepting a contract as a principal at Il Balletto di Venezia directed by Giuseppe Carbone where he had the memorable opportunity to dance beside some of the great names of ballet. Such as Nureyev, Vassiliev and Maximova and Sylvie Guillem among others.

His turning point was establishing a dance school in Verona with his wife Anat Weinberger. Subsequently three decades, the Vic Ballet Academy still prepares young students to get into renown international academies and continues the proliferation of sharing Dance with the entire community.

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