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[Author: Richard Scoffier]
The book presents a journey through the projects and achievements of architect Frédéric Borel, winner of the Grand Prix national de l’architecture in 2010. Through the sections “Figures,” “Objects,” and “Landscapes,” it explores the different types of formal devices that interfere in diverse urban contexts, from dense urban environments to distant megacities.

Here tall buildings stand like characters in mute scenes, there they are constructions that unfold upon themselves from a very premeditated compositional mode, while, further afield, vast vistas extend to the scale of territory, bristling enigmatic towers, fractured rocks, revolts and motionless waltzes of fragmented tectonic plates.
“Figures,” “Objects,” “Landscapes”-this book invites you on a journey through the projects and recent achievements of Frédéric Borel, Grand Prix national de l’architecture in 2010. You will understand how these different types of formal devices interfere , whatever their function, in the most diverse contexts – dense urban centers, abandoned plateaus, distant megalopolises – to re-enchant them. And you will enter the secret of their design, watching the architect at work, adjusting and assembling the cardboard pieces needed for the multiple studio models that invade his workshop. These simulate with extreme precision the achievements that will go to the bedside of the cities inherited from the 20th century, to bring them the excitement and poetry they seem cruelly lacking.

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