MM Award 2022: special mentions

For the 2022 edition, MM Award – International creative award reserves 2 special mentions: “MADE IN ITALY IS”, dedicated to the “Companies/studios/collectives” contestant category and “BEST INNOVATOR IS”, dedicated to all types of contestants. Want to discover more about MM Award 2022? Click here


MADE IN ITALY IS” is a special mention dedicated to the “Companies/studios/collectives” contestant category, created to enhance the project that will best represent the Made in Italy. This recognition is intended to honour the project that will best describe, express and represent the values of the Made in Italy (craftsmanship, design, authenticity, brand of origin, local production, local raw materials, manufacturing excellence, cultural manufacturing and genius loci).

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Marco Magalini, President of the Jury. Ph. Arnaldo Abba

“In addition to being co-founder and creative director of MM Company, I have gained in these years a great experience related to Made in Italy, also writing the book “Moda. Il nuovo made in Italy” on the new generation of talents with the foreword by Renzo Rosso (founder of Diesel, part of the OTB group), teaching and lecturing on the subject.”

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BEST INNOVATOR IS” is a special mention dedicated to all types of contestants, to honour the project that will best stand out for innovation. This award is aimed at awarding the most innovative project in its field, in relation to the challenges of contemporary society (environmental sustainability, community support, safeguarding or protecting cultural heritage).


One or more special mentions will be awarded, but a maximum of 1 mention for each thematic category (fashion, product & interior design). The companies/collectives/studies interested in the special mention “MADE IN ITALY IS” and all contestants interested in the special mention “BEST INNOVATOR IS” must include specific and detailed explanations in their project presentation file (to be uploaded in the reserved area of the website until 30/04/22).

“Made in Italy is” will be assigned by the President of the Jury Marco Magalini, while “Best Innovator is” by the MM Company team.

MM Award 2022: special mentions

It is recommended to get started the application process now to take advantage of the best conditions! Contestants will then have time until 30/04/22 to upload the materials. Info, Rules&Regulations and application process at

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