MM Award 2021: Interior design winners

Here are the winners of the Interior Design category of MM Award 2021, the International creative award curated by the creative consultancy agency MM Company to honour and promote the most promising talents and brands in Fashion Design, Product Design and Interior Design.

gold prize – students/creatives

Bonvicini Sofia Teresa with the project “Concept store per Golden Goose”

The concept of this project combines the Golden Goose brand identity with the characteristics of the place where the project is located, Shenzhen, one of the most innovative cities in China. China is bound to tradition, but at the same time turned to change, innovation and creativity. Volumes in gold leaf descend from the ceiling and rise from the floor, allowing the customer to feel an integral part of the store. A project that includes two display areas and a third one, instead, characterized by touchscreen displays and a large central table: this is “The Lab”, the latest idea promoted by Golden Goose.
Bonvicini Sofia Teresa
Concept store per Golden Goose
silver prize – students/creatives

Diakonidze Keti with the project “Concept store per Yves Saint Laurent”

This project analyzes the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, and in particular the link with the art world, specifically with the Russian avant-gardes. The concept is inspired by one of them: Suprematism. This movement wanted to break with tradition just as YSL did in the field of fashion. The painting chosen to develop the project is that of the artist Chernikhov. Thanks to the superimposition of the store plan and the painting, shapes and colors were transformed into three-dimensional elements: the background color into a huge carpet, the dividing lines into displays, black rectangles into fitting rooms, narrower ones into platforms and lilac shapes into lighting.
Diakonidze Keti
Concept store per Yves Saint Laurent
gold prize – professionals/freelancers

Yachoui Fadi with the project “PH-13 Beirut”

Located in an eastern neighborhood of Beirut, the PH-13 residence crowns the building in which it sits. Although it sits above the hustle and bustle of the area in which it is located, it does not seek to escape the urban fabric of its city, but rather embraces it. The proposed scheme manifests contextual innovation through its desire to blur the line between public and private in order to take advantage of the region’s mild Mediterranean climate while maximizing natural light and ventilation. In addition to the precious custom sky light above the northern corner of the reception space, sliding panels allow every space in the house to be transformed from indoor to outdoor, extending all living spaces as balconies and terraces that connect directly to the city.
Yachoui Fadi
PH-13 Beirut
silver prize – professionals/freelancers

Carlone Stefano with the project “Cotidiano – Il bistrot del teatro”

The project of the “Cotidiano” bistrot, annexed to the Verdi Theatre of Martina Franca (Italy), comes to life in a structure with a 20s and 30s design style. It develops in continuity with the artistic and cultural context of the place, of which it recalls the colors. The decorations, the fittings and the furnishing elements have been designed respecting the places and the original structure, in order to create a common thread with the environments of the annexed foyer of the Theatre. An interesting part of the project is the internal entrance, which connects the bistrot  through a corridor with a barrel vault. This “filter” of passage is treated as a box through the use of a rich and enveloping color, which wants to accompany the visitor along the path to the opening in the octagon.
Carlone Stefano
Cotidiano - Il bistrot del teatro
bronze prize – professionals/freelancers

Regio Debora with the project “La casa dei binari”

A project that connects the outside with the inside. The outside becomes an element of inspiration since the early stages, becoming an integral part of the “inside”, through the views, the exposure, the landscape. The house is located in Naples (Italy) and tells two parallel stories; one concerns the landscape the apartment overlooks, characterized by railway tracks, in use and disused, that make their way between the buildings defending themselves from urban expansion. The other story is about the owners. “La casa dei binari” is an interior architecture project that follows trajectories that allow deviations and generate second possibilities.
Regio Debora
La casa dei binari
gold prize – companies/studios/collectives

T.O.B. Design Studio with the project “Dome balance”

The project site is the Arctic, a fragile region where environmental changes are occurring at a faster rate than in other regions of the Planet. The need to monitor the Arctic has led to the emergence of research areas, resulting in the need to design infrastructure. Dome balance therefore seeks to be a sustainable response to the need for research infrastructure and improving the quality of human life. The project tries to respect sustainability in a holistic sense; its shell is inspired by the shape of igloos and tries to integrate itself in the best way in the surrounding environment. It is a repeatable module, built mostly with materials from the local area, and takes advantage of sustainable energy and formal physical features for energy demand and temperature maintenance.
T.O.B. Design Studio
Dome balance
silver prize – companies/studios/collectives

Temporalia Time Design with the project “Co.cook – Paesaggi del Gusto”

In this historical moment, restaurateurs, chefs and employees have found themselves in serious economic crisis or without job. Co.cook proposes itself as a facilitator of recovery: it is a space of sharing, in which chefs, restaurateurs or food entrepreneurs have the opportunity to rent professional kitchens. So as to continue their work by reducing the general costs of maintaining a restaurant. In addition to the kitchen, the space also provides a warehouse equipped with cold storage, appliances and utensils, and the common organizational structure consisting of room, staff and delivery service. Co.cook stands as a place of cohesion and experimentation, where the human factor meets technological innovation in a former industrial site (a hangar in Bovisa district, Milan, Italy) to explore the new landscapes of taste.
Temporalia Time Design
Co.cook - Paesaggi del Gusto
bronze prize – companies/studios/collectives

Stile Bottega architettura with the project “Store Concept”

A flagship store that communicates the brand’s strong identity by using timeless materials that can overcome passing trends. All the elements of this new concept want to communicate the philosophy and heritage of the customer: “the craft of creating beauty.” A space where nothing is casual and every detail is taken care of with techniques to be unique, elegant and comfortable. The interior design concept was to create symmetrical and perspective spaces where a logical and clear exposure can become the real protagonist. The exhibition is organized by a co-presence of public-private spaces ranging from the shop windows to the styling room and lounge space. This conceptual design will guide the upcoming renovation strategy of all the brand’s stores and strengthen the brand’s image and importance worldwide.
Stile Bottega architettura
Store Concept
special mention – “made in italy is”

Temporalia Time Design

The excellence of Made in Italy extends to Food, with an entrepreneurial solution that could also be extended to the world of fashion or design. The project transforms a difficult historical moment for operators in the sector (chefs, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs) into a great opportunity for analysis and growth, oriented towards the future and applicable to other strategic sectors of Made in Italy. Co.cook is proposed as a space of sharing, in which cooks, restaurateurs or food entrepreneurs have the opportunity to rent professional kitchens (and related equipment) taking advantage of a common organizational structure. A place of cohesion and experimentation, where the human factor meets technological innovation: both key values for Made in Italy.
Temporalia Time Design - Co.cook - Paesaggi del Gusto
Temporalia Time Design - Co.cook - Paesaggi del Gusto

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