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Caleido tells the Travel diary of Simon171, photographer, in Selinunte, Sicily. Welcome to Caleido, an inspirational diary, that narrates many stories: about creative people, trends, travels, objects. / Read the Editor’s letter here


Diario di: @simon171

Ph. Simon171
Ph. Simon171
Ph. Simon171
1. How important is scouting in your work? What is one place you have discovered that you have been excited about? If you were to write a Travel diary from your “trip” to Selinunte, what would your title be? What does this title mean to you?

Scouting is very important to me. The choice of location is a fundamental part of my images. These shots tell the story of a trip to the Selinunte archaeological park during a summer journey to Sicily, which I was absolutely thrilled about. To quote Italo Calvino, “Se mi mancasse il tuo amore tutta la mia vita mi si sgomitolerebbe addosso” (If I missed your love, my whole life would crumble in on me) is the title I would give to this trip. The choice of these words is obviously a personal reference, but it could also include, thinking of the history of Selinunte, a broader meaning in which the word “love” becomes a transversal concept, encompassing the concept of “homeland”.

Ph. Simon171
Ph. Simon171
2. If at this moment, from your “trip” to Selinunte, you were to send a postcard, to whom would you send it? What message would you write?

I would send it to my aunt, who loved collecting postcards, writing the classic “baci da Selinunte” (kisses from Selinunte). I grew up in Romagna and the postcards I liked the most were the ones with “Baci” or “Saluti dalla Riviera Romagnola” written on them, so for me this phrase is a little madeline.

Ph. Simon171
Ph. Simon171
3. What is one of your objects that will remind you of this “journey”? What is the memory related to it? Can you send us a photo taken by you?

I don’t think I have an object that reminds me of this trip. When I think of Selinunte I think of the trip to Sicily, the heat, the summer, the smells and the food. So if I had to represent this memory with an image I would tell it with a photo of a dish eaten in a trattoria.


Ph. Simon171

Graduated from IED, she collaborates with various Italian and international magazines and clients, including Icon, Die Zeit, Vanity Fair, Fucking Young, The Greatest, Style and Gucci.
1998 First prize for young Italian artist
2001 “I-d Fashion and Style“, Ed. Taschen
2003 “Fashion Now” Ed. Taschen
2005 “Fashion Now” Ed. Taschen
2006 “Butt Book” Ed. Taschen
2007 “GRAVITY” Museo Victoria, Spain
2015 “Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana“, Triennale di Milano 2015 “Cinema Italia”, Roma
2019 “Me, Two” MEF Museum, Turin, Italy
2020 “Contemporary Fashion Photography“, Brescia

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